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Inspections and Visits

Inspections may be initiated by the Tribunal or the parties when it is considered that a practical review of work performed by ADF members will be critical to the Tribunal’s understanding of a particular matter. Inspections are most beneficial in assisting the Tribunal to reach decisions because they allow Tribunal members to witness firsthand, albeit in a limited way, the working and living conditions of ADF members across a range of employment categories and localities. The ADF and Commonwealth parties, as well as the Secretariat Advisor, normally accompany the Tribunal on inspections..

Visit to HMA Ships Farncomb and Adelaide - 5 February 2018 5 February 2018

On Monday 5 February 2018 the Tribunal visited HMA Ships Farncomb and Adelaide alongside in Sydney.

The visit was conducted in order to provide the Tribunal with an opportunity to meet with members in receipt of Submarine Capability Allowance and Maritime Allowances, and to hear first hand about the effect the allowances are having on the workforces. This information will now assist the Tribunal in  their reviews into these allowances which are to be conducted during 2018.

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